Minggu, 02 Desember 2012

Baris Dance

Hallo. now i can share my another hobby. my first hobby is playing drum and my second hobby is dancing. I like Balinese traditional dance such as Topeng Dance, and Baris dance. for this time i can share about Baris dance. 
The Baris is the balinese warrior. This dance is performed by young boys. Despite its warlike character, this dance is also performed inside the temples during religious ceremonial . Originally, this dance was a religious ritual. the dedication of warriors and their weapons during a temple feast. There are two main types of Baris dance. The non-ritual dance, is the one performed by a solo dancer ( Baris Tunggal Dance). However, there are over thirty different types of ritual baris dances, each of which is performed by a group of people, still imitating the movements of the warrior. The powerful rhythm of the accompanying Gong Kebyar and Gong Gede, intensifies the movements. The dancers holding spears or swords and shields, depending on the type of Baris Dance. They really look like warriors going to the war, while in fact the dance is also performed to religious ceremonial. 
The Baris dance is a sacred dance performed not only during cremation ceremonies but also religious ceremony because it is believed that during these ceremonies The gods, Goddesses and Ancestors come down to earth to give blessings. So the dance is performed to welcome them, to entertain and also as a thanksgiving.
i can dancing baris dance since age 10 years old. Baris tunggal is the my first dance perform dance in the temple. and now i also can  dancing Topeng. so i loving balinese dance and i proud can dancing Baris dance and Topeng dance. thank you. 

Minggu, 25 November 2012

My Activity in Saturday.

Hi all, for this post i'll share my daily activity in saturday 24th november 2012. in saturday, i wake up at 8.00 AM. i wake up late because in friday, i help my friend set a sound n band instrument start in 8.00 PM until 2.00 AM. After that, I go to bath room and i wear clothing. after that i go to UKM kesenian event in sudirman street. In that event i became a comentator. i comment a performance my junior in this organization. 
I see band performance, traditional dance, modern dance and choir. in that event i comment perform band and traditional dance. 
I like dance traditional performance and band performance. because i understand i little bit about traditional dance n band. i see a good performance. over all i see good performance in that event. they can performed with just one day of practise. I was amazed with my junior. In that event, i can meet up with my old friend. 
After the event, i chatted my old friend until 7 PM. After that i back to home and i rest. because i'm fatigue. but before i sleep, i take a bath. thats all my daily activity in saturday. 

Minggu, 18 November 2012

Balinese Topeng

Hi guys, now i will shared about Traditional art of Bali. One of them is Balinese Topeng. 
Topeng is covering a face form the dancer and  are made of wood / lumber, paper etc with a different design. Of the shape of the face of gods, human, animal, devil etc. In bali, Topeng is dance performance that all the dancer use the mask ( topeng ) with the story sourced from history as know as Babad. 

In bali, there are two types topeng. the first is Topeng Bungkulan and Topeng Sibakan. 

  1. Topeng Bungkulan is  covering all of face the dancer. Topeng bungkulan performances open with a series of non-speaking masked characters which may not be related to the story to be performed. for the example of topeng bungkulan is Topeng Tua ( an old man who may joke and draw-out the audience), Topeng Keras ( a martial, authoritarian character ), Topeng Manis ( a refined hero ) etc.
  2. Topeng Sibakan mean mask covering a half of face the dancer. Topeng Sibakan performances with use the conversation with balinese language and kawi language. For the Example of topeng sibakan is topeng penasar, and the bondres ( people ). 
In bali, there are some type dancing of topeng. balinese topeng dance always performed in ceremonies in temple. Topeng Pajegan mean mask of performed in dewa yadnya ceremony in temple. in this dance have 3 part of dance. the first topeng keras and topeng tua performed, the second topeng penasar perfomed and the last topeng sidakarya dance. 

Topeng Sidakarya mean topeng dance closing an apperance in temple. Topeng sidakarya have point mistic in every performed. because topeng sidakarya have a "tirta" are use people in bali to closing a ritual in temple. 



Ok thats all about balinese topeng. see you next time. 

Kamis, 01 November 2012

How to play a drum for begginer

Hello,My name is Maha Putra. I'm from Badung Regency but  I stay in Denpasar city. I'm Studying in Udayana University in jimbaran. Ok i want to show a picture. you know this??? 

This is a drum set. For this time I want share a technique play a Drum for begginer. I Call this technique is "sticking". The first you must be now a part of drum. Starting from the left to right. Hi-Hat Cymbal and Crash Cymbal, Snare ( On the right side of picture), Tom High, Tom Middle, and the big is a Bass Drum ( on the front side of picture). Ride Cymbal, and Tom Low ( On the Leftt of picture). if you playing a drum you have must a sticks. so if you dont have a stick you can't played a drum. 

In this time i want share about Kind of beats in snare, because this is a basic to play a drum. Ok, The first kind of beats is : 
  1. Single Stroke is a basic, so you can beats a table or floor with your sticks. Here the Single Stroke roll is  R L R L (R = beats by your right hand, L= beats by your Left hand).
  2.  Double Stroke is next phase. A double sroke consist of two single stroke played by the same hand. Here the Double Stroke roll is R R L L R R L L
  3. Paradiddle is a consist of two single stroke followed the double stroke. Paradidles are often used to switch hands. so, Paradidle is play single stroke followed the double stroke with used to swicth hands. Here the beats of paradiddle R L R R  L R L L. you can try paradiddle with tempo fast or slow. but now you can try with slow tempo. 

Note : There are many stroke variants, like Triple Stroke. And you can try single stroke, double stroke and paradiddle with the different notations and fast tempo or slow tempo.  

Okay, I think the theory enough for the begginer. If you wanna see more tutorials played drum, you can search that in youtube.com, because i see there technique playing drum. You must more practice if you play a drum, because drum must be keep the tempo in a music. you must concretation on played drum. Playing drum isn't as easy as you see. so get more practice and you can will be a drummer. Thats All. Thank You for see my blog. see you next time.